How do I find a tutor?

You can find a tutor by filling up the online form under the Find A Tutor page.

Our tuition coordinators will send you the profiles of the suitable tutors for your consideration as soon as possible.


Do I need to pay to find a tutor?

No, it is completely free to input the respective information to find a tutor.  You do not have to pay for any matching fee or commission as we charge the commission from the tutors. Hence, this will not affect you. You will only have to pay for the tuition fees that was agreed between us.

Who do I make payment to?

All payment must be made to Etudiant. There shall be no monetary affiliation between the parents and the tutors. This is to reduce monetary conflict between parents and tutors, such as negotiating for an increment or decrement of tuition fees between the parent and the tutor; delaying the payment of tuition fees by the parents, etc.  


An invoice will be issued to you in advance via email. Payment of the monthly tuition fees must be made to Etudiant at least one week in advance before the commencement of the first lesson of each billing period.

The following forms of payment are accepted:

  • ATM transfer / Internet Banking to DBS Current Account 120-352939-3

  • PayNow to Etudiant's phone number at 97568453

The invoice will include a reference number. Kindly provide the reference number in the description (for transfer via PayNow) for our record purposes. Thereafter, Etudiant will send you an acknowledgment email when the payment is received. 


Why do I have to make a payment in advance?


Making payment in advance protects the interest of both parents and tutors:  


Protecting the interest of the parents: Prevention of ‘no-show’ of tutors. As payment is received in advance, we will provide returns in the event of ‘no-show’ of a tutor. If a tutor does not show up for the lessons as planned, kindly contact us and we will provide a prorated refund for the number of lessons that were recognized as "no-show". 


Protecting the interest of the tutors: It is our duty to safeguard the interest of the tutors as they are registered under us. We ensure that all our tutors are paid for the lessons that they have conducted.


Thus, paying the tuition fee in advance would reduce the risks and conflicts faced by both the parents and the tutors.


Do I continue to pay the tuition fees to Etudiant from the second month onwards?


Yes, you will continue to make payment to Etudiant for the subsequent months. An invoice will be issued to you in advance for every month/ billing period via email. There shall not be any monetary affiliation between the parents and the tutors.

How do I verify the tutor’s qualification?

We verify all our tutors’ credentials and qualifications. However, due to the PDPA policy, we are unable to disclose their certificates and transcripts to you. Hence, the tutors will bring their certificates and transcripts on the first day of the lesson for your verification.

Can I request for a change of tutor if the tutor’s performance is unsatisfactory?

Yes, we will gladly replace the tutor for you at no additional cost. However, you will still have to make payment for the number of lessons that were provided. Kindly do let us know one week in advance and the reasons for the replacement.

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